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Palapa 2

Palapa 2

A palapa (a Spanish word of Malayan origin, meaning "pulpous leave") is an open-sided dwelling with a thatched roof made of dried palm leaves. It is very useful in hot weather and, therefore, very common in Mexican beaches, such as in Acapulco. If you've never heard the name "palapa" before you may be more familiar with the term "tiki hut".

There are many other names for structures such as these from around the world. They include:

Tiki Bar, Nipa Hut, Tea House, Chiki Hut, Chickee Hut, Thatch Hut, Thatch Roof, Gazebos, Polynesian Hut, Hawaiian hut, Grass Hut, African Reed Hut, Thatch Hut, Thatch Gazebo, Grass Gazebo, Tropical Gazebo, Fiji Hut, Island Huts, Palapa Gazebo, Tiki Shack, Palapa Hut, Balinese Hut, Palm Hut, Makuti Hut, Atap Hut, Cabana, Tropical Shade, Palapa Shade, Tiki Shade, Tiki Umbrella, Thatch Umbrella, Grass Umbrella, Mexican Umbrella, Palm Umbrella, Tahiti Umbrella, Fiji Umbrella, Palapa Umbrella and Island Umbrella.

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